About Bonni Rambatan

Last updated on May 8th, 2010

I’m Bonni Rambatan, 23, and I just deleted the old About Me text. I no longer write blogs and I have gone further down the rabbit hole than I expected. For your pleasure I have left most of the contents here and elsewhere intact. I am now purposefully going rather reclusive in the online world. I have a plan and am preparing something big. I will be back at the turn of the decade. Thanks for all the time you spent reading this blog. I’m no longer its biggest fan, but it’s still awesome despite its many flaws. I’ll see you soon!

11 Responses to “About Bonni Rambatan”

  1. Given what you have accomplished and what you know,
    if some economic or other disaster doesn’t obliterate or
    severely disable humankind, your being 20 is in your
    favor whether or not you pursue a degree beyond your

  2. Bonni Rambatan Says:

    Hey, I guess so… Ha ha. Thanks, Brian :) I am actually in college right now studying English Literature, but the situation is hardly conducive down here in Indonesia. If I can survive I might get me a BA, which is amusing, regardless, but at the moment an unfettered Web 2.0 and P2P file sharing system constitute my ideal environment.

  3. Bramantyo Prijosusilo Says:

    Your blog is the most interesting blog that I have ever come across.

    Well done. I think that you might be a genius.

    May I ask where you went to school? And where are your screenplays accessible?

  4. Bonni Rambatan Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Bram. I’m glad you like the blog.
    As for screenplay I’m now working on an animated comedy series for TV called “Catatan Dian”. You can find the link on the left-hand navigation links under the heading “Music+Art Collaborators of Bonni”. It will be a Facebook fan page, and I’m sure the mods will be happy to gain new fans :) I may also have a short film coming up soon, I will upload a link if that happens.

  5. Djatmiko Tanuwidjojo Says:

    As a young man who mastering such a weird theories, when you starting all these? I think that you just a natural-born gifted kid who easily can find a “mantra” behind the words of Lacan or Zizek.

  6. Bonni Rambatan Says:

    LOL, thanks! x) Hmm… Must have started, what, five years ago in my high school times when I encountered Freud, then Foucault, actually, and got me into all sorts of these theories. It was SMA 3 Malang, by the way. Great school with a decent library that I visit when I’m too lazy for actual classes — I really was (and still am) not an exemplary student by the least, mind you.

    And the theories aren’t weird. They’re freakin’ cool. That’s probably the only “mantra”.

  7. Impressive for someone so young and handling several crazy continental theories all together. Just be careful you don’t mimic your patriarchs. There’s a whole world out there beyond the rhetorics of “cool” (double entendre) :D

  8. Bonni Rambatan Says:

    What world? Isn’t that ideology at its purest? :p Hehe, thanks, Trina.

  9. Nice blog! that gives such of critical theories. :-)
    warm regards,

  10. wooowww….you’re a smart young man, you have the potential to be larger than life. Remember though, sometimes we have to be pragmatic and come down from ether to earth.

  11. waw..still cant believe he’s only 21. looks so much more sophisticated. great to know you dear! good luck! *0*

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