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Posted in Announcements! on December 8, 2009 by Bonni Rambatan

You probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging for a while. I got kinda bored with this blog so I moved here. Catch me there! :) Chao!

Happy Birthday TPM (and Unfortunately Another Blogging Recession)!

Posted in Announcements! on June 15, 2009 by Bonni Rambatan

So I herd u liek mudkipz cake?

The first post of this blog was in May 28th, which basically means we didn’t exactly celebrate our first birthday on time. May the mudkip in the cake make it up for our lateness. So, happy birthday to The Posthuman Marxist! Yay!

Unfortunately I’m also here to post some rather bad news to you readers. As you may have noticed the frequency of posts here at TPM continues to decline. I’m afraid that won’t be fixed anytime soon due to current circumstances. I am working on several things, including a thesis, a book, and a lecture for paraflows 2009, which our friends up at monochrom had been so kind to invite me. I’m writing a psychoanalytic posthuman study on Serial Experiments Lain for my thesis, which I hope to publish online up here for you to download when it’s done. As for the book, it’s that book about the chans, memes, online pornography, etc, as I have probably so often mentioned if you know me outside the blog — I want to make it a posthuman theory book the likes of which nobody has ever read.

Actually we prefer commie mudkipz instead of the regular blue

Actually we prefer commie mudkips instead of the regular blue

So anyway, that’s that. That is not all I am doing since I like to keep bigger things reclusive, keeping the fantasy of the objet a intact in true neurotic fashion, but trust me when I say I do hope to make a comeback better than ever with unexpected things in unexpected corners of the web. Suffice it to say that I am working on a larger project that will hopefully hit the headlines.

On world news, things are going on, but I am specifically interested in the continuing saga of the great interwebs war, namely the Anonymous versus Church of Scientology war this June. In the porn sphere I’m actually half-wanting Natural High to produce another charity porn movie this year.

So with everything going on, the case is actually there are many things I want to write. So what the heck, I will still write anyway, just don’t expect any high frequency of my writings. I’m writing this for the sake of updating and so you readers won’t think the blog is dead. See you in another time!

Moar cake!

Moar cake!

The Posthuman Marxist Returns from Hiatus!

Posted in Announcements! on March 1, 2009 by Bonni Rambatan


Waking up from hibernation

Photo, that has nothing to do with our post, by Greg Lasley (click-through).

Hello hello, TPM readers! I announced that The Posthuman Marxist will be back in March, so here we are! It has been a long two months of absence, but I assure you the break was not futile — it allowed me to catch up on my long due reading list of philosophy and psychoanalysis. Rest assured what you will find from now on will be of significantly better quality, which I hope you notice.

This resuming of the blog was not without change. You might have noticed that some of the old links, pages, and posts are gone. I felt the need to clean up several things I feel was no longer of much relevance to the majority of my readers. I also updated the two remaining pages to give a better understanding of what this blog is all about. I deleted some controversial posts about a certain Indonesian movie since nobody seems to understand what I talk about — which is no surprise seeing the lack of the Lacanian scene in Indonesia — and have generated nothing but a hail of attacks not so much to my theories than to a certain personal Bonni Rambatan they elevated into a symbolic figure they love to hate before trying to understand the scope of my thoughts.

I am sure some of you also remember a rumor that has been going around since over four months ago that The Posthuman Marxist will move to its own domain with a sexy new design. Well, that new domain is here, but unfortunately a disaster fell upon me and things went epic fail with the programmers I hired. It is a long story, I am still working on the predicament, so until then, please be content with the current blog, and I apologize for not being able to deliver the new one yet.

I should also mention that in connection with this blog I have created two new ones, plus a Tumblelog. I created Galliano with Lacan in connection with my passion for the beautiful as well as to inaugurate my long-due entry to the art of haute couture design. What used to be Creative Communism in this blog is now Future’s Culture, since I want to get it out to the wider public and shed it off any Marxist and Lacanian notions that may scare people away — all in all it has grown to be of a different orentation than The Posthuman Marxist and thus splitting it off to a new blog would make better sense. You will find no more of Creative Communism here, or in fact anywhere, since I changed the name. I also felt like I needed a public place, more spacious than a tweet yet less so than a blog, to sketch out my thoughts on pure theory, and created Madeleine Dipped in Tea, which is where I engage in much deeper nd more spontaneous theoretical undertakings. None of the places I mentioned have any articles at the moment except for a few lines of introduction at the moment of this writing, but do check them out and subscribe to them, if you will.

I am becoming a better blogger. Happy reading, and stay tuned to my blogs for more interesting critical content! ;)

The Posthuman Marxist Indefinite Temporary Shutdown

Posted in Announcements! on December 27, 2008 by Bonni Rambatan

So, as you may have heard, I am currently in a predicament which keeps me from being the blogger I used to be. I’m very sorry to say that for the time being I will not be able to maintain The Posthuman Marxist.

It has been wonderful and I thank you all for being such loyal readers and have constantly challenged me to make better theories and essays on culture, media, and politics.

I would appreciate your comments below. This may be the last post for several months to come, so say all your thoughts out loud!

The Posthuman Marxist YouTube Channel!

Posted in Announcements! on October 6, 2008 by Bonni Rambatan

Due to demands, it has been decided that the blog will be undergoing a lot of upgrades and redesigns very soon. So, one of the first things I decided to do was to create TPM Television, The Posthuman Marxist’s very own YouTube channel. Right now it only features my talk from Arse Elektronika last September, but as many of you should guess, a channel being created means that there will be lots and lots of videos to come! Expect more filmed lectures, interviews, art projects, and hopefully some documentaries as well from The Posthuman Marxist, all coming for your cognitive mapping needs in our apocalyptic world.

As for the blog itself, it will be undergoing a total redesign within this month or the next to increase readability and comment discussions, plus other things that I believe will make the blog more productive and conducive for a more critical atmosphere. Plus, gossips have it that there will be podcast and expert guests interviewees! *gasp*

If you’re a reader of The Posthuman Marxist, consider subscribing to the channel! I’ll be waiting! ;)

Arse Elektronika 2008 Report!

Posted in Announcements! with tags , , , , , , on September 30, 2008 by Bonni Rambatan
Eating My Cake and Having It Too

Eating My Cake and Having It Too

So I was not able to get permission to enter the US for Arse Elektronika, but as host Johannes Grenzfurthner put it, we managed to trick the State department by filming my lecture beforehand and doing a telepresence via Skype connection. Don’t know Arse Elektronika? Check these links out:

Click here if you want yet more links.

And it was wonderful! I kept following Bonnie Ruberg’s twitter-updates on the event and watched as dozens of photos are being uploaded, and of course the MP3 recordings of the talk. You can find all of the MP3s here, but of course, I’ll be generous and provide a direct link to my talk and the massive all-star closure panel, in which I had the chance to clarify certain things I left out in the original talk. Here they are:

Bonni Rambatan — From Computer-Mediated Sex to Computer-Generated Sexuality:
MP3 | Video | Lecture Notes

Arse Elektronika 2008 Closure Panel, featuring all participants:

There is also a launching of Pr0nnovation? monochrom’s Arse Elektronika Anthology, and of course I’m getting my copy. Get yours here for $25.

And, last but not least, Flickr photos!

But ah, if you also have photos or want to browse more, just join the Arse Elektronika 2008 Flickr group!

So yeah, it was a lot of fun — very sexy, truly geeky, and all the time critical and intriguing. Though I cannot say I fully agree and endorse all the views of the speakers, nonetheless they are smart people worth listening to, far from your usual daily hedonist club. I am very glad that the Skype telepresence and filmed lecture screening went well (not to mention properly fitting the futuristic sci-fi setting!).

The only downside, though (beside missing all the live physical fun), is that it turns out to be pretty hard to predict how long you should talk and how detailed you have to explain things, since I cannot see the audience’s expression. In hindsight, I don’t think I did too well on the Q&A. My paranoid fantasy of me never getting my real point across still haunts. But I guess satisfactory audience understanding is my objet a, much as the electric sheep is the object-cause of desire for your stereotypical android.

UPDATE (10/06): Oh, and hey, there is now a picture of my televised self taken by Mela Mikes. Also, my talk is now available on TPM’s YouTube channel. Go and watch it if you haven’t, TPM readers! ;)

Arse Elektronika 2008 Coming Up!

Posted in Announcements! with tags , , , , , , , on September 6, 2008 by Bonni Rambatan
Arse Elektronika 2008

Arse Elektronika 2008

Hi, TPM readers! I’m excited to announce that Arse Elektronika 2008 is coming up in less than three weeks! If you happen to be either 1) a culture/sex/tech theorist, 2) a sexy geek, or 3) a geeky pervert and are in or near San Francisco in September 25th to 28th, go and grab your tickets now because it will be an event you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Since I am all three above, I am privileged enough to be a speaker, and I’ll be presenting my latest research paper titled “From Computer-Mediated Sex to Computer-Generated Sexuality: An Outlook on the Posthuman Sexual Trope” (abstract available here — scroll down to my name) on the final day (September 28th) at 1 PM. I had a little trouble coming to the States last time (the country won’t let me in), but this time things should (hopefully) work out.

For those of you who cannot come, I will post a download link to my lecture notes in PDF on this website after the event is over. An audio recording of my lecture will also be available at a later time.

Stay tuned to The Posthuman Marxist, and see you in San Francisco!



And this also means I will be canceling ALL my future appearances in the United States indefinitely. I cannot tell you how this news frustrates me. But I will continue to provide links to resources on this website.