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In what sense is this blog a Marxist? Certainly not in the usual sense, for if one reads my blog one knows right away that I very rarely talk directly about Marx’s theories. And also not in the usual Cultural Studies chic sense of some Frankfurt School version of Marxism or post-Marxism. Instead what you will find throughout are Lacanian readings.

I nonetheless call this blog a Marxist. It would make sense when one recalls what Lacan once said about Marx: by questioning the relationship of man to his object of production, and going very far in this direction, it was Marx, before Freud, who discovered the symptom.

I would have called this blog The Posthuman Psychoanalyst, but I didn’t. I want to maintain the “ism” of the radical Left. There are no such “ism” that one could find inherent in psychoanalysis, but it is inherent in the thoughts of the founder of the symptom, namely, Marx himself. What I do in this blog is thus to read and interpret the symptoms of the contemporary man to the object of digital production, symptoms that Katherine Hayles called indicative of a posthuman age. Hence the term posthuman Marxism, and in this perspective psychoanalysis is nothing but a means of exercising such a position, a trajectory and not an aim.

Deleuze and Heidegger would sometimes be mentioned, for I, too, as a posthuman theoretician, believe technology to be a horizon of being capable of resistance and subversion rather than a mere set of alienating practices, though in the eyes of many of you my views may certainly seem otherwise.

If you have been here before you probably noticed that I changed, not only updated, this page, rather drastically from last time. My initial plan was just to have a place to write my thoughts and get feedback about them, feedback I can then use to expand some texts I consider worthy of expansion and elaboration. But as I gain more readers, its orientation changed — that’s what always happens with social media, they constantly evolve, and they do so not so much in our control as in the control of an external yet internal force we call by the name of “crowd”. This blog is now a place to write quick responses to the neverending polemics of technology and the social web, but also of politics, of course, since it is a Leftist blog.

One Response to “About the Blog”

  1. Just to let you know, the YouTube channel link gave me a 404!

    Incidentally, I just found that there are heaps of mp3 recordings of Marxism conference lectures – including some by Žižek – available from a site called beemp3.com.

    If you’re interested, I’ve linked to them here: http://www.last.fm/music/Slavoj+Zizek and here: http://www.last.fm/group/Karl+Marx (look for them in the comments in the shoutbox).

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