Happy Birthday TPM (and Unfortunately Another Blogging Recession)!

So I herd u liek mudkipz cake?

The first post of this blog was in May 28th, which basically means we didn’t exactly celebrate our first birthday on time. May the mudkip in the cake make it up for our lateness. So, happy birthday to The Posthuman Marxist! Yay!

Unfortunately I’m also here to post some rather bad news to you readers. As you may have noticed the frequency of posts here at TPM continues to decline. I’m afraid that won’t be fixed anytime soon due to current circumstances. I am working on several things, including a thesis, a book, and a lecture for paraflows 2009, which our friends up at monochrom had been so kind to invite me. I’m writing a psychoanalytic posthuman study on Serial Experiments Lain for my thesis, which I hope to publish online up here for you to download when it’s done. As for the book, it’s that book about the chans, memes, online pornography, etc, as I have probably so often mentioned if you know me outside the blog — I want to make it a posthuman theory book the likes of which nobody has ever read.

Actually we prefer commie mudkipz instead of the regular blue

Actually we prefer commie mudkips instead of the regular blue

So anyway, that’s that. That is not all I am doing since I like to keep bigger things reclusive, keeping the fantasy of the objet a intact in true neurotic fashion, but trust me when I say I do hope to make a comeback better than ever with unexpected things in unexpected corners of the web. Suffice it to say that I am working on a larger project that will hopefully hit the headlines.

On world news, things are going on, but I am specifically interested in the continuing saga of the great interwebs war, namely the Anonymous versus Church of Scientology war this June. In the porn sphere I’m actually half-wanting Natural High to produce another charity porn movie this year.

So with everything going on, the case is actually there are many things I want to write. So what the heck, I will still write anyway, just don’t expect any high frequency of my writings. I’m writing this for the sake of updating and so you readers won’t think the blog is dead. See you in another time!

Moar cake!

Moar cake!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday TPM (and Unfortunately Another Blogging Recession)!”

  1. Happy Birthday and keep up the good blogging! :)
    Regarding paraflows: how awesome is that? I actually plan to go to that conference, so we might say ‘hello’ to each other :-)

    Looking foward to your book..

  2. Bonni Rambatan Says:

    Thanks, Jacob! :) Oh, I look forward to meeting you, then!

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