The Posthuman Marxist YouTube Channel!

Due to demands, it has been decided that the blog will be undergoing a lot of upgrades and redesigns very soon. So, one of the first things I decided to do was to create TPM Television, The Posthuman Marxist’s very own YouTube channel. Right now it only features my talk from Arse Elektronika last September, but as many of you should guess, a channel being created means that there will be lots and lots of videos to come! Expect more filmed lectures, interviews, art projects, and hopefully some documentaries as well from The Posthuman Marxist, all coming for your cognitive mapping needs in our apocalyptic world.

As for the blog itself, it will be undergoing a total redesign within this month or the next to increase readability and comment discussions, plus other things that I believe will make the blog more productive and conducive for a more critical atmosphere. Plus, gossips have it that there will be podcast and expert guests interviewees! *gasp*

If you’re a reader of The Posthuman Marxist, consider subscribing to the channel! I’ll be waiting! ;)


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